This index is for making all kinds of buttons: Lesson 1 - Reload Button Here's a button that reloads the current page when clicked.
Lesson 2 - Question/Color Button This button asks two questions. Depending on the answers, the background color changes.
Lesson 3 - Radio Button Color Changer Click on the radio button, and the background changes color.
Lesson 4 - A Pop-Up Box You seen this pop-up in action on the way in ! When someone logs into your page, an alert box pops up. But it won't allow the viewer in the page if they choose "cancel." Lesson 5 - Mouse-Over Alert Box This produces an alert box when the mouse passes over a link. Place Your Mouse Here/ Lesson 6 - Click For Alert Box Clicking on the button brings up an alert box with the message of your choice.
Lesson 7 - Flip Flap Image Script This is a great multi-platform image flipping script. Note: The Larger Ape Image Is Not Part Of The Code. I Placed It There So Webtvers Have A Place To Set The Cursor Box On, To Bounce On And Off The Smaller Javascript Image Below It To See It Change. Warning - The Page Must Fully Load To See This Work.

Lesson 8 -Go There Button This is a menu of links with a button that activates the browser.

Lesson 9 - Radio Button Links Clicking on the radio buttons sends you to a new link.
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Lesson 10 - Scroll on Status Bar This produces a scroll down across the bottom. Please Grab The Code For This Scroller Here
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