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Tour Walton's Mountain Museum
Walton's Mountain Museum tour part 2

Remember this room as the gathering place of such fine southern cooking, the Walton's kitchen.

The kitchen

Another view of the kitchen.

Remember this famous room? Rememberwhen the whole family would gather around to listen to the radio or Jason would play the piano and they would sing?

This is a picture that the children made for Earl Hamner. Each one had a part that they drew and painted. Each of the children's names appear on the picture in the bottom right hand corner. (JON,JUDY,ERIC,MARY,DAVID,KAMI) This picture hangs in the living room at the museum.

This concludes the tour of the museum. Hope you enjoyed your tour and get to visit the Walton's Mountain Museum in Virginia real soon.

To find out more about the museum visit the museum site at