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The Waltons International Fan Club
The Waltons International Fan Club

Carolyn Grinnell, President

Started in 1992, at the dedication of The Walton's Mountain Museum, the Fan Club publishes a quarterly newsletter and holds an annual reunion in Schuyler. Dues are $20/year US funds.  The Fan Club also publishes a cookbook.

Events for 1999

March 5th and 6th
Walton's Mountain Museum Spring Opening Guest stars will be Lynn Hamilton who played Verdie Foster and Hal Williams who played Harley Foster.

Click here to see Harley and Verdie Foster, together again in the Walton's Kitchen at the Walton's Mountain Museum.

May 1st Spring Reunion
A picnic with guest stars Joe Conley who played Ike Godsey and Kami Cotler who played Elizabeth Walton.

Click here to see Kami and Joe at the Spring Reunion.

Click here to see Carloyn and Joe at the Spring Reunion.

Click here to see the tribute that was made to Grandma Walton at the Spring Reunion.

July 17th Summer Reunion
This event will be in Hollywood California and all of the Walton cast members will be invited. Hopefully I will have pictures after this event to post to this site.

October 23rd Fall Reunion
This event will be in Charlotesville, VA. Those cast members that will be atteding this event will be announced at a future date.

December 2nd Remembering the Waltons at The Smithsonian in
Washington, DC
Earl Hamner, Michael Learned, Patricia Neal, Mary McDonough, and Jon Walmssely

December 3rd-6th A Walton's Cruise
Set sail on a cruise with the Waltons to the Bahamas. Cast members that will be in attendance are: Mary McDonough, Judy Norton, Leslie Winston, Lisa Harrison, John Walmsley, Eric Scott and Joe Conley.

For further information about the fan club,please contact:
Carolyn Grinnell, President
The Waltons International Fan Club
PO Box 1055
Kernersville, NC 27285
or phone her at 336-993-2752
We always look forward to meeting new members.

Carolyn now has an email address and looks forward to hearing from all you Walton fans.

Email Carolyn

Goodnight All you Waltons Fans and Hope to see you at one of the fan club events soon!!!